New York Irish Center

New York Irish Center Aims to Bring Suicide Awareness to Forefront

September 10, 2014


On the 10th of September the New York Irish Center marked World Suicide Prevention Day by making tributes to those who we have lost to suicide. This significantly special evening included guest speakers, who were extremely touching as they spoke about their own personal experiences, a candle lighting ceremony, where we had a moments silence and remembered those who we have lost, and finally, we closed the evening by stepping outside and releasing balloons and watching them fly away, this particular act was symbolic of hope and desire. Our aim is to bring suicide awareness to forefront, and continue to educate the general public about the warning signs of depression and suicide and what to do when you’re in this particular situation. We aim to achieve this by continuing to run awareness events and QPR Workshops and constantly reminding the public that we are here.

NY1 were here to cover the event.


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