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Helena Byrne Story Teller



 Helena Byrne Story Teller

Today, St. Patrick’s Day and the Irish culture is celebrated by millions of people across the globe. However, this was not always the case. Helena Byrne’s song and storytelling show ‘Pursuit of Happiness’ will bring you on the journey of Irish emigrants to the ‘New World’ over the past three centuries; the excitement, the tragedy, the hopes and aspirations for a better life in the ‘Land of Opportunity’. Tales of Irish history, folklore, and song will meet with heart-wrenching stories from the Titanic, survival in the ‘Wild West’, ‘No Irish Need Apply’ signs and the momentous occasion of John F. Kennedy’s visit to Ireland. Helena is an accomplished vocalist, storyteller, actress and songwriter. For several years, she has combined her love of Irish folklore and passion for the performing arts, performing as a seanchaí (storyteller) and singer for groups of all ages across Ireland




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