New York Irish Center

The Story Continues ‘Outing the Past’



The Story Continues ‘Outing the Past’

Monday June 10th 2019 7pm

The New York Irish Center invites all to the latest installment of our, ‘The Story Continues’. We opened our series in September 2017 to a packed center, listening to insights from vital voices who shine a light on the Irish LGBT journey so far.

We continued in February in 2019 and enjoyed learning though History as hosted magnificent speakers, spoke of the trailblazers who helped have the road to Irish marriage equality.

In the same spirit of solidarity, we will look at the different origins, shapes, and forms pride can take during, ‘Pride Month’ As always, our spin diva Fiona Walsh will keep us entertained! All welcome! Tickets


This is a free event, to RSVP follow the link below.




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