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Club Leabhar Nua Eabhrac (the New York Irish-language Book Club)



Club Leabhar Nua Eabhrac, the New York Irish-language Book Club meets quarterly to discuss contemporary Irish-language books, and that through Irish, of course. People who have read the selected book are welcome. Books are chosen by consensus of the group, again, through Irish. After a hiatus of years that we were without a space, the New York Irish Center mightily welcomed us and the Club found a new comfortable home in Long Island City, and that with a small library. Perfect for us! Although we are enthusiastic about the books, the talk and the camaraderie are most important. After our meetings, weÌre off to a pub in the neighborhood for more chat and a couple of pints. We are most grateful to the New York Irish Center, for we love our new home!



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